Marketing Research, Local Solutions, Real Estate Brokerage, and Relocation Services

Belleville is a newcomer in the Mozambican real estate development market. Building on its strong and deep involvement in Mozambique business scene over the recent years, the team is working on developing some key projects of our own. Thanks to its network and expertise, the company is also well aware of the real estate market developments and is ready to support newcomers looking for their new homes.


While the majority of product launches in Emerging Markets are adaptations that worked well in more mature markets, such an approach less often guarantees success. This is particularly true in Mozambique which has a distinct history from its neighbors. Companies need to thoroughly gauge the market’s receptivity before the launch—or risk losing money and their reputation.

This involves not only surveying potential customers, but also analyzing the competition (both legitimate and otherwise). Another key concern is the business environment in which your product launch, acquisition, expansion must compete, bearing in mind the economic cycle, regulations and political support for the rule of law.


Companies struggle to find the best local partner in Mozambqiue because they did not take the time to consider a wide pool of options or failed to conduct adequate due diligence on their choice of partner.

Belleville’s founders have been professionally active in key economic sectors of the the country for the last 10 years. It has helped to develop a partner research approach specifically customized to Mozambique. We’ve applied it with great success in finding local partners of all types, whether it’s distributors and agents, joint venture partners, acquisition targets or suppliers. With BM’s modular approach, clients can in-source or outsource any of the phases without compromising the end result.


Services for Sellers: Property value assessment, Sales Marketing and Listing, Showing Supervision and Scheduling, Sales Reporting and Negotiation Support, Sales Legal Process Support and Closing, Moving out Services

Services for Buyers: Identification of properties matching clients’ needs and budget, Visit scheduling, Purchase Agreement Support, Transaction Legal Process Support and Closing, Inspections coordination, Renovation Support, Moving in Services

Rentals Services: Listing of available properties for rentals, Showing Supervision and Scheduling, Negotiation and Contract agreement support. Inventories and property checklists, Moving in Services


Meet & Greet: We provide to our clients support and assistance from the plane all the way to their temporary or permanent accommodation in their new destination in Mozambique

Home Search: Whether for a temporary or permanent need, we conduct a customized home search program and assist our clients throughout the home search process till the signature of their lease contracts. Our service includes an online and direct’ needs assessment process, an accompanied home viewing program which matched the needs assessment made; lease negotiation and contract review and payment, a check in inspection prior the move in date and the utilities connections.

School Search: We provide a school search service for any school level based on clients’ education needs and plans. Our services include a needs assessment, Sourcing of schools, Registration and Securing school places.

Settling-in Services: We manage all the practical steps of our clients’ settling-in in their new destination. Our settling-in services include: Banking services, Driving licenses, Medical services, Insurance services and Local registrations, Utilities connection

Tenancy & Expenses management: Our tenancy management service is dedicated to assist our customers during their stay in the country. We take care on the management of all the aspects of their rental issues: Check in, Utility connections, Rental payments, Check out and Deposit recovery.

Departure Services: We assist our clients to smoothly transition out of their current assignment’s location to their future destination. Our services include: Lease contracts cancellation, Property inspection, Manage necessary cleaning repairs,  Coordinate the removal of household goods, Cancellation of utilities and Other home related services and more as required.